We create a world that tastes sweet

Innovation and process improvement drive success — we deliver world-class products

Sugar beet Sugar beet

Innovation and process improvement drive success — we deliver world-class products


Constantly moving forward while respecting nature. This is our way to make the most of the potential of agricultural crops for the benefit of society. That is why at Tereos Group we always seek new and better ways to do business sustainably while producing the best possible quality sugar, alcohol and ethanol.

We process the sugar beet completely.

350,000 tonnes of sugar per year - 350,000 tonnes of sugar per year
Sugar per year - Sugar per year
1,425,000,000 liters — 1,425,000,000 liters
Ethanol per year — Ethanol per year


We help to sweeten the lives of millions of people in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our sugar improves the taste of food and drinks, it has its place in every household.

Production 350,000 tonnes


You can find alcohol in a bottle of good alcoholic beverages as well as in car cosmetics. In the form of biofuel, it powers motor vehicles with reduced environmental impact.

Production 14,250,000 hl


In agriculture, our products are used as fertilizers or animal feed. The stuff, that we do not process, we return to production or to the field.


Reliable partner for growers and customers. Stable employer. Supporter of the region.

Our experience with sugar production dates back to 1831. In less than 200 years, we have learned to produce as high quality as possible, but also to meet the expectations of those we are closest to.

Our sugar factories and distilleries cooperate with regional growers of sugar beet, which is one of the most demanding crops to grow. Thanks to their reliable work, we can process millions of tonnes of beet per year for the production of sugar and alcohol.

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We are the largest producer of sugar and alcohol in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, we can meet the demand of a wide range of customers at home and abroad. Our products are bought by households, small bakeries and patisseries as well as large food producers.

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We are traditionally among the best employers in the places where we operate. We employ over 500 people who are wholeheartedly involved in the production of our sugar and ethanol. In addition to a lot of benefits and bonuses, they are attracted by the possibility of career growth.

We regularly support events in the places where we operate. Whether it is sponsoring sports and cultural events, local associations or annual contributions to improve the quality of life in the region, we always try to be the best neighbor possible.

We share and educate. Ourselves, partners and the public.

Sugar production has a rich history in the Czech Republic. In the past, the pillar of domestic agriculture and an important part of the Czechoslovak economy still maintains a high standard here. That is why we want to spread awareness about the traditional cultivation of sugar beet as well as the production of sugar and ethanol.