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We are a responsible

Environmental consideration and social responsibility are among the pillars of Tereos TTD's business philosophy. Our factories make the most of the rich potential of sugar beet, when the crop is used not only as a raw material for production, but we also meaningfully process its by-products and waste products.

10 goals for 2030

In 2022, as the Tereos Group, we committed ourselves globally to the new sustainability plan SUSTAIN 2030. In 5 pillars, we defined 10 commitments for 2030. All commitments are based on the Sustainable Development Goals methodology of the UN.

Sustainable Agriculture


Improve farm performance and sustainable market access

By 2030, 90% of Tereos Group's agricultural raw materials will be certified or evaluated as sustainable (compared to 60% in 2017).

Protection of the Environment


Contribute to the protection of biodiversity

By 2030, 100% of Tereos Group business units will create biodiversity conservation projects in line with the Tereos Group Biodiversity Charter.


Optimise resources

By 2030, we will achieve a 100% rate of utilization and conversion of our agricultural raw materials, including waste.

Positive Industry & decarbonisation


Promote energy efficiencies & low-carbon energy

By 2030, the Tereos Group will reduce the CO2 emissions of those European factories that have the largest share of the Group's carbon footprint by at least 30% (compared to 2015).


Optimise water consumption

In 2030, our water consumption will be at least 20% lower (compared to 2016).

Responsible, healthy and quality nutrition


Become a partner of reference on nutritional reformulation

By 2030, the Tereos Group will offer 70% of its large clients the possibility of modifying the composition of products, which will provide customers with nutritional benefits.


Promote responsible consumption, through a sugar education program

By 2030, 100% of our direct-to-consumer sugar products will link to responsible consumption education tools.

Employees & local development


Ensure safety and well-being of our employees and partners

By 2030, we will reduce the LWC (Lost Workday Case) rate to 0.5, achieving the best level in our industry (compared to 2.8 in 2018).


Promote diversity and ensure gender equality

In 2030, 40% of senior management will be women with the ambition of bridging the gender pay gap (compared to 14% in 2022).


Support local development through our industrial presence and raw materials from local agriculture

We continue to plan to support local development as much as possible through our industrial presence and raw materials from local agriculture.

Our actions

We reduce the noise around the plants

We have reduced the noise level of our plants by more than 20% over the past 20 years. We intend to continue to reduce it with ongoing investments.

We return water to nature

During its processing, we get more than double the volume of water from sugar beet than we take from public sources. This makes us a "clean water producer".


RATIO 181 %
collected water and water returned to nature


RATIO 221 %
collected water and water returned to nature